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He promised to withdraw from England.

Он обещал покинуть Англию. ☰

She withdrew her eyes.

Она отвела глаза. ☰

Withdraw it!

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I withdrew my foot a little.

Я немного отодвинул ногу. ☰

They have withdrawn the charges.

Они сняли обвинения. ☰

Claudia withdrew her hand from his.

Клаудия отдёрнула свою руку из его руки. ☰

She withdrew $200 from her checking account.

Она сняла с банковского счёта двести долларов. ☰

I’d like to withdraw £500 from my current account.

Я бы хотел снять пятьсот фунтов стерлингов со своего текущего счёта. ☰

The enemy had to withdraw before the onset of winter.

Перед наступлением зимы враг был вынужден отступить. ☰

You can withdraw up to $1,000 a day from your account.

Вы можете снимать со счёта до тысячи долларов в день. ☰

Our troops have withdrawn from the border area.

Наши войска покинули приграничную территорию. ☰

Both countries agreed to withdraw their troops.

Обе страны согласились отозвать свои войска. ☰

Ralph has withdrawn from the other k >

Ральф отдалился /отстранился/ от других детей. ☰

We withdrew to the garden for a private talk.

Мы вышли в сад, чтобы поговорить наедине /посекретничать/. ☰

The drug has been withdrawn from the market for further tests.

Препарат был отозван с рынка для дальнейших испытаний. ☰

I shall withdraw my custom from this shop.

Я больше не буду делать покупки в этом магазине. ☰

I have withdrawn from all attendance at public banquets.

Я перестал присутствовать на всяких банкетах. ☰

She withdrew a document from her briefcase.

Она достала из портфеля какой-то документ. ☰

A knee injury forced her to withdraw from the competition.

Травма колена вынудила её сняться с соревнований. ☰

Parents can withdraw their child from school if they so wish.

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Родители могут отозвать своих детей из школы, если того пожелают. ☰

He refused to withdraw his remarks and was expelled from the Party.

Он отказался взять свои слова назад и был исключён из партии. ☰

The prosecutor withdrew her question to the witness.

Прокурор отозвал свой вопрос к свидетелю. ☰

The US showed its own goodwill by undertaking to withdraw their troops.

США продемонстрировали со своей стороны добрую волю, взяв обязательство вывести свои войска. ☰

Many depressed people just withdraw into themselves.

Во время депрессии многие люди просто уходят в себя. ☰

He knew he could not win the election — hence his decision to withdraw.

Он знал, что не сможет победить на выборах, поэтому его решение — снять свою кандидатуру. ☰

A b >

Заявка на аукционе является юридически обязывающей, и вы не можете отозвать свое предложение. ☰

This machine withdraws heat from the environment.

Эта машина отводит тепло из окружающей среды. ☰

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education lessons if they wish.

При желании родители вправе отстранить своих детей от уроков религиозного образования. ☰

The general tone of articles appearing in the newspapers is that the government should withdraw.

Общий тон статей, опубликованных в этих газетах, таков, что правительство должно сложить полномочия. ☰

The government has threatened to take military action if the rebels do not withdraw from the area.

Правительство пригрозило начать военные действия, если повстанцы не покинут этот район. ☰

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After much persuasion he agreed to withdraw his resignation.

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withdraw — with‧draw [wɪðˈdrɔː, wɪθ ǁ ˈdrɒː] verb withdrew PASTTENSE [ ˈdruː] withdrawn PASTPART [ ˈdrɔːn ǁ ˈdrɒːn] 1. [transitive] BANKING to take money out of a bank account: • You can withdraw cash from ATMs in an … Financial and business terms

withdraw — with·draw vb drew, drawn, draw·ing vt 1: to remove (money) from a place of deposit or investment 2: to dismiss (a juror) from a jury 3 a: to eliminate from cons >Law dictionary

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Withdraw — With*draw (w[i^][th]*dr[add] ), v. t. [imp. ( dr[udd] ); p. p. ( dr[add]n ); p. pr. & vb. n. .] [With against + draw.] 1. To take back or away, as what has been bestowed or enjoyed; to draw back; to cause to… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

withdraw — [v1] remove something or someone from situation abjure, absent oneself, back out, bail out, blow, book, bow out, check out, depart, detach, disengage, draw away, draw back, drop out, ease out, eliminate, exfiltrate, exit, extract, fall back, get… … New thesaurus

Withdraw — With*draw , v. i. To retire; to retreat; to quit a company or place; to go away; as, he withdrew from the company. When the sea withdrew. King Horn. [1913 Webster] Syn: To recede; retrograde; go back. [1913 Webster] … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

withdraw — early 13c., to take back, from with away + drawen to draw, possibly a loan translation of L. retrahere to retract. Sense of to remove oneself is recorded from c.1300 … Etymology dictionary

withdraw — *go, leave, depart, quit, retire Analogous words: abscond, decamp, *escape, flee, fly: retreat, *recede Contrasted words: arrive, *come … New Dictionary of Synonyms

withdraw — ► VERB (past withdrew; past part. withdrawn) 1) remove or take away. 2) take (money) out of an account. 3) discontinue or retract. 4) leave or cause to leave a place. 5) cease to participate in an activity or be a member of a team or organization … English terms dictionary

withdraw — [withdrô′, withdrô′] vt. withdrew, withdrawn, withdrawing [ME withdrawen: see WITH & DRAW] 1. a) to take back or draw back; remove b) to remove from use, cons >English World dictionary

withdraw */*/ — UK [wɪðˈdrɔː] / US [wɪðˈdrɔ] verb Word forms withdraw : present tense I/you/we/they withdraw he/she/it withdraws present participle withdrawing past tense withdrew UK [wɪðˈdruː] / US [wɪðˈdru] past participle withdrawn UK [wɪðˈdrɔːn] / US… … English dictionary

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withdraw — with|draw W2 [wıðˈdro:, wıθ US ˈdro:] v past tense withdrew [ ˈdru:] past participle withdrawn [ ˈdro:n US ˈdro:n] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(not take part)¦ 2¦(stop supporting)¦ 3¦(change your mind)¦ 4¦(say something is not true)¦ 5¦(product/service)¦ 6¦(leave… … Dictionary of contemporary English


снимать, снять
(lift, clear)
withdraw the money — снимать деньги
withdraw the charges — снять обвинение
отзывать, отменять, отозвать
(recall, abolish, pull)
withdraw the suit — отозвать иск
уходить, уйти, удалиться
withdraw from Rome — удалиться из Рима
удаляться, удалять, извлекать
(recede, delete, derive)
забирать, забрать
ретироваться, отойти, отступить
(retire, back)
withdraw from business — отойти от дел
отводить, отвести
вывести, выводить
withdraw the troops — вывести войска
withdraw troops — выводить войска
withdraw from society — выйти из общества
изъять, изымать
withdraw the weapon — изымать оружие

to withdraw a bid — отозвать заявку
to withdraw one’s candidacy — снимать свою кандидатуру
to withdraw capital — изымать капитал
to drop / retract / withdraw a charge — отказываться от обвинения
to repudiate / retract / take back / withdraw a confession — отказываться от признания, брать свои слова обратно
to withdraw from cycle — удалять из цикла
to withdraw a drill — отводить сверло
to withdraw a franchise — лишать франшизы
to cut off / withdraw aid — отказаться от предложенной помощи
to drop / retract / withdraw an allegation — брать свои слова обратно

She withdrew her eyes.

Она отвела глаза.

Возьмите назад свои слова!

I withdrew my foot a little.

Я немного отодвинул ногу

He promised to withdraw from England.

Он обещал покинуть Англию.

She withdrew $200 from her checking account.

Она сняла $200 со своего банковского счета.

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